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Serving Hearing and Deaf (using ASL) Clients

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  • Did you build your first website, but now you've outgrown it?
  • Is your website's design and user experience building trust and credibility with visitors?

Your website (or not having a website at all) impacts they way potential customers view your business. With Jenny Laine Designs, we will make sure your responsive website design represents the professional that you are!  Ready to reach your business goals with an updated website?

Is it time to move up from your DIY Website?

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Jenny Laine Designs helps small and medium size businesses and organizations make an impact in your community by creating highly converting websites.

With both mobile and desktop optimization (including basic SEO), your website will do more than just be another pretty space.  It will create a beautiful user experience for your visitors. 

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"The Energy created from Designing and Showcasing your Business, Products and Passions...
It's the reason why I do what I do!
- Jennifer

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From start to finish, Jennifer was professional, prompt with communication, and truly desired to have each component of our website meet our every expectation and more. 

The entire process went so much smoother than I had imagined. We felt completely comfortable with Jennifer's abilities to make our ideas and dreams come to life on screen.



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Your patience and understanding with me was commendable. Since I am not a tech savvy student, I needed to be hand held throughout the process. Thank you for walking me through the process with grace. My favorite part of the process was seeing the results. Absolutely amazed! 

Carrie, Book Author


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When I came to Jenny Laine Designs, I didn't know what I wanted. She took the time to ask questions and knew exactly what I needed. The whole process felt effortless for me and even though it was lots of work for for her.  But, she NAILED it!!!

My favorite part of my site is all the moving images and being able to edit my copy as my classes change. 

- Cristy, Aerybeth Sewing School


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All I can say is, “WOW!” Not only did Jenny Laine Designs see my vision and create a website that is super functional and appealing, but she went beyond my dream and made my business come to life! I’m thrilled with my site and couldn’t be happier with the process. From the initial call to the final product. JLD was incredible to work with. I’m already reaping the reward of a digital presence! 

- Shelia, Selah Music Ankeny


Jenn designed a beautiful real estate website with MLS integration. She was amazing and kept me involved through the whole process. She is so creative and talented! 

- Amanda, Team Lloyd Realty

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Jennifer is top notch when you are looking for a professional design to meet all your needs. As a new business owner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted on my website, and Jennifer was patient and walked me through every step. She was very patient with all my requests and gave me the reasons “why” this would work better than that. Jennifer undoubtedly knows her stuff and I can’t recommend her more for your web designs! If you are looking for clean and precise websites that are easy to navigate on phone and/or computer, Jennifer is your gal! 

-Jessica, Kindled Embers Adventures

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Jennifer did a spectacular job on my website! She exceeded all my expectations and was incredibly responsive. I’ll definitely be recommending her services to all my friends and all my future website plans!

-Maddie, Cleanco

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Welcome to Jenny Laine Designs. I'm so glad you are here! 

Maybe you are here and thinking, do I really need a new website? What I really want is more customers and the revenue they bring to my business. Or maybe you are an organization that wants to reach more of your audience. 

So let's start with the basics. Does your company have an online presence that truly represents who you are as a business or organization? Are you putting people off by not having any kind of website or a REALLY outdated one?

Enter Jenny Laine Designs. While investing in a well designed website might feel like an eventual "I'll get to it" scenario, it could just be the very thing to get eyes on your business and turn visitors into customers? 

What are you waiting for? Let's chat about the ways you can really reach your audience with a beautiful and highly converting website. 



HELLO, i'm Jennifer

Jenny Laine Designs, LLC

HELLO, i'm

I like and use TikTok more than I should. 

I used to be a homeschool mom! 

My first computer was a Gateway and I remember dial up modems.

I've been an American Sign Language user my entire life - my grandparents were Deaf.

I was born and raised in Florida - I'll always need my flipflops!

I lived in Mississippi for most of my adult life - I have the accent to prove it!

I currently live in Iowa - Winter is now my LEAST favorite season, but the other 3 seasons more than make up for it!

Fun Facts about Me!

I lived in Honduras for a short time - My Spanish is laughable, but my heart for Central America runs strong!

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