Your business is humming....even doing great.  Why is it time to up your website game? I hope the FAQ below can answer a few questions you may have when choosing an updated website design or even your very first website.

Questions? I got you!

Why shouldn't I just keep using social media to run my business online?

Social media is an amazing tool for every business.  For many, it is how we spread information about our business.  But who really owns your information on these social platforms?  What happens when your page is incorrectly locked, shut down or your access is gone? What happens when it gets deleted completely? 

Where do your customers go? You NEED a space on the web that belongs to just you.  Your social media should ALWAYS be pointing them to your space online.  

We also know how distracting the "scroll" can be on social media.  If they are on your website...their scroll is with you and not on the social media platform (who definitely doesn't have your best interest in mind).

What do you think?  Do you think you should have your own space?  What should that space be conveying?

Do you require professional brand photos for my website?

I do not require you to have professional brand photography, however there is a big difference for the websites that incorporate professional photographs versus those that do not. 

It's important to remember that to stand out from your competition, professionally branded photography can make ALL the difference!

Who writes the copy for my website after its designed?

With any website template, website customization service or custom website purchased from Jenny Laine Designs, you will receive a workbook that easily guides you through the process of writing copy for each webpage section by section.

*Before we start any designing, the copy must be (at least in draft form) completed.*

Don't worry! It's like I'm right there holding your hand. Let's create relationships that lead to clients! Your words are powerful, and I can't wait to see what we create together!

Website Copywriting Guide
($200 Value)
More Info Click Here

If you'd like our in house copywriter to create story and hooks from your copywrite guide draft, we can provide that at an additional fee.

Do you provide branding services?

We provide in house branding.  This includes a discussion about your vision for your brand. We will include a custom logo and your brand style guide that you can use on your other promotional and social media products. 

This is a separate department and is charged separately from the web design packages. 

Please email us for more infomation.

How do you handle requests that aren't in the included package?

When we work on things that are a little outside the scope of what we budgeted for, we are happy to fold these in. We'll just switch to hourly billing for any additional edits. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  I have several options for you!

  • Pay in full: 100% paid with signed contract
  • Split pay: 50% paid with signed contract, 50% due before delivery of home page approval
  • Three payments: 40% paid with signed contract, 30% paid before delivery of home page, 30% final payment due prior to launch of website.

Can I wait to pay you after I see the first draft of my website?

Actually, we need the deposit in order to lock in a time.  

If 50% is a challenge we could break your investment into smaller payments.  

We could do a third now, a third at first review, and a third before final delivery.

Are there additional costs I should be aware of?

In addition to the cost of your custom website or template customization, you will need to be prepared to purchase:

I need my website created like yesterday...

We can work out a VIP day or rush job, but keep in mind our rush fee is an additional 20%.  


We talked to another web designer and they can do it for cheaper than you?

If the priority of your project is to spend the least amount of money... the other option may be a better fit.

However, we pride ourselves on the best customer service and best value for your dollar. We hope that you can trust us with your business. :) 


Can you give us a discount if we refer other business partners your way?

I always love referrals. It's one of my greatest compliments.

For every new customer who books Jenny Laine Designs for a custom website or template customization and mentions your name, you will receive a 10% referral fee and they will receive 25% off their services.

Want to book a 30 min
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When I came to Jenny Laine Designs, I didn't know what I wanted. She took the time to ask questions and knew exactly what I needed. The whole process felt effortless for me and even though it was lots of work for for her.  But, she NAILED it!!!

My favorite part of my site is all the moving images and being able to edit my copy as my classes change. 

- Cristy, Aerybeth Sewing School


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All I can say is, “WOW!” Not only did Jenny Laine Designs see my vision and create a website that is super functional and appealing, but she went beyond my dream and made my business come to life! I’m thrilled with my site and couldn’t be happier with the process. From the initial call to the final product. JLD was incredible to work with. I’m already reaping the reward of a digital presence! 

- Shelia, Selah Music Ankeny


Jenn designed a beautiful real estate website with MLS integration. She was amazing and kept me involved through the whole process. She is so creative and talented! 

- Amanda, Team Lloyd Realty

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Jennifer is top notch when you are looking for a professional design to meet all your needs. As a new business owner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted on my website, and Jennifer was patient and walked me through every step. She was very patient with all my requests and gave me the reasons “why” this would work better than that. Jennifer undoubtedly knows her stuff and I can’t recommend her more for your web designs! If you are looking for clean and precise websites that are easy to navigate on phone and/or computer, Jennifer is your gal! 

-Jessica, Kindled Embers Adventures

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Jennifer did a spectacular job on my website! She exceeded all my expectations and was incredibly responsive. I’ll definitely be recommending her services to all my friends and all my future website plans!

-Maddie, Cleanco

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