Are We a Good Fit?

Before we jump into my website packages, let's make sure we are a good fit! Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm excited to meet you!

Jenny Laine Designs isn't your typical one and done kind of business. My goal is to create a relationship that lasts. I am focused on building your web presence and helping you maintain it after we launch.

I offer a web design experience that is a true partnership in your business journey. I'm here to help you create more customers and an online strategy that helps you change the world around you. 

Jenny Laine Designs specializes in building SEO-optimized websites for purpose-driven small businesses.

My approach to each project is systematic, ensuring a seamless integration of your branding guidelines, digital assets and provided copy, while also following the latest digital website trends. 

The result? Websites that are not only visually appealing but also strategically built to enhance your visibility in online search results.

My Mission

I truly believe it takes time, tenacity and a strong relationship between designer and client to make a successful web presence. I care about each and every project no matter how big or small! From start to finish, I will be here every step of the way. For more ways to be sure we are a good fit - Click Here - PDF download

Before We Begin Your Project

To keep the excitement flowing, and to make sure your project turns out just the way you want it in a timely manner, I will need you to provide all the necessary materials – like your brand style guide and digital content (photos, illustrations, and copy) – BEFORE we begin your website project.

Don't worry! I help walk you through the process from start to finish.  (And if you don't have these yet, I can help with that too!)

This process helps to ensure everything goes smoothly and efficiently for your website build. Your active involvement is key to bringing your vision to life! 

To see an up close peek into how I work, visit my blog post:  The Web Design Process

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    -Cristy, Aerybeth Sewing School

    Value Based Investment

    At Jenny Laine Designs, for larger sized projects I incorporate value based pricing. 

    Using a value-based pricing approach, I consider not only the time and resources it takes to build the website but also the potential value it brings to your business.

    I might ask questions like:

    • How much additional revenue can be generated from the new website?
    • Will the website enhance customer engagement and retention, leading to increased customer lifetime value?
    • Does the website give you a competitive edge in your industry?
    • Does the website simplify your operations, saving you time and resources?

    If your website has the potential to significantly boost your sales, streamline your processes, and establish a strong online presence, the perceived value of the website is high. Therefore, your investment might reflect this value.

    Conversely, if the website's features are basic and the impact on your business is relatively modest, the perceived value might be lower, and this is where I offer our small and medium sized pricing structure.

    Value-based pricing involves understanding your needs, the problems our service solves for your company or organization, and the positive outcomes it brings to your business. By aligning the price with the value created for you, we are more likely to achieve a win-win scenario where you are happy to pay for the benefits you receive, and our business is compensated fairly for the value I deliver.

    By assessing the potential value I can bring to your business, you are able to understand how investing in a website can be beneficial to the long-term success of your business. 

    However, even though I'm all about giving you awesome value, I can't promise specific outcomes. Market twists, changing trends, and unexpected things can play a part.  I am here to give you top-notch solutions and support, and we're in this together to make your website work the best it can for your business or organization.

    Jenny Laine Designs isn't just here to make a pretty website. I want to bring you value and customer conversions because of what I do. Are you ready to build both a beautiful website and convert customers?

    Website as a Service Plans

    This size site is the same as our traditional small site package that offers the following benefits:

    • Monthly subscription
    • Free basic hosting ($180/yr value)
    • Monthly basic maintenance ($600/yr value)
    • 4-7 website pages
    • 1 hour of free website updates/mo ($900/yr value)
    • Free website redesign after 36 months ($2500 value)

    Starting at $197/mo


    Sites Valued in This Range

    This size site is the same as our traditional medium site package that offers the following benefits:

    • Monthly subscription
    • Free basic hosting ($180/yr value)
    • Monthly premium maintenance ($1200/yr value)
    • 7-12 website pages
    • 2 hour of free website updates/mo ($1800/yr value)
    • Free website redesign after 36 months ($4000+ value)

    Starting at $347/mo

    Sites Valued in This Range


    This size site is the same as our traditional large site package that offers the following benefits:

    • Monthly subscription
    • Free premium hosting ($360/yr value)
    • Monthly Elite maintenance ($2400/yr value)
    • 11+ website pages
    • 3 hours of  free monthly website updates ($2700/yr value)
    • Free website redesign after 36 months ($8000+ value)

    Starting at $497/mo+

    Sites Valued in This Range


    Need something a little different for your business?

    Get started for just a $500 set up fee, then choose the monthly subscription option!

    I believe Jenny Laine Designs will bring you incredible value with my traditional investment, but I understand, money is money and sometimes you just don't have the upfront cash to create the amazing website you need.  I don't want that to stop you from making your business dreams come true. So, I have an amazing offer below. 

    Why I know what I know

    Geek Pack & WP Rockstar


    Web Designer Pro

    Square Secrets

    with Josh Hall

    with Paige Brunton

    with Katie Harrington

    with Julia Taylor

    How to Become a Shopify Expert

    with Tim Sharp

    VIP Day Collective

    with Sarah Masci

    The Complete Copy Writing Course

    with Codestars

    Learning is the secret ingredient that makes success taste even sweeter – and as a web designer, I have the opportunity to sprinkle it liberally into my clients' lives and websites!


    with Gary Simon

    The Ultimate SEO Training

    with Joshua George

    Proud student of the following courses.

    view the

     She was great from the beginning by sitting down and listening to our vision. She is great at taking our brand and transforming it to our website.

    She was so easy to work with during the project and always offered great advice to make it that much better. I would highly recommend Jenny Laine Designs to anyone looking to create or refresh their website."

    -Trent and Kaitlyn, Rustic Salon

    "Took Our Brand and Transformed it to our website!"

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    "From start to finish, Jennifer was professional, prompt with communication, and truly desired to have each component of our website meet our every expectation and more. 

    The entire process went so much smoother than I had imagined. We felt completely comfortable with Jennifer's abilities to make our ideas and dreams come to life on screen."


    "She made our Ideas come to Life"

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    “If it wasn't for Jenny and her expertise I would have been completely LOST! My favorite part was the patience and willingness to help that Jenny gave me. She was always there for anything I needed every step of the way.”

    -Christine, Regis Gates Counseling

    "She was there every step of the way!"

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    "Your patience and understanding with me was commendable. Since I am not a tech savvy student, I needed to be hand held throughout the process. Thank you for walking me through the process with grace. My favorite part of the process was seeing the results. Absolutely amazed!"

    Carrie, Book Author

    "My Favorite Part....the results!"

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    "When I came to Jenny Laine Designs, I didn't know what I wanted. She took the time to ask questions and knew exactly what I needed. The whole process felt effortless for me and even though it was lots of work for her.  But, she NAILED it!!!

    My favorite part of my site is all the moving images and being able to edit my copy as my classes change."

    - Cristy, Aerybeth Sewing School

    "The WHole Process felt effortless!"

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    "All I can say is, “WOW!” Not only did Jenny Laine Designs see my vision and create a website that is super functional and appealing, but she went beyond my dream and made my business come to life! I’m thrilled with my site and couldn’t be happier with the process. From the initial call to the final product. JLD was incredible to work with. I’m already reaping the reward of a digital presence!"

    - Shelia, Selah Music Ankeny

    "All I can say is "Wow!"

    "Jenn designed a beautiful real estate website with MLS integration. She was amazing and kept me involved through the whole process. She is so creative and talented!"

    - Amanda, Team Lloyd Realty

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    "She is so creative!"

    "Jennifer is top notch when you are looking for a professional design to meet all your needs. As a new business owner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted on my website, and Jennifer was patient and walked me through every step."

    Kindled Embers Adventures

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    "She walked me through each step."

    Jennifer did a spectacular job on my website! She exceeded all my expectations and was incredibly responsive. I’ll definitely be recommending her services to all my friends and all my future website plans!

    -Maddie, Cleanco

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    "Incredibly Responsive!"