And, imagine that website being one that you can't wait to show the world and to know that we created it in a week!

With a website like that, you'll be the talk of the town. You'll walk around with a newfound confidence, throwing out lines like:

"Oh, you need help with that? Check out my website!  You'll find everything you need there to get started!

"Want to work with me? Head on over to my site and let's get this party started!"

No more worrying about sending them your social media link or your contact information.  You will be able to give them everything they are looking for...right at their fingertips on your new, amazing website!

Picture Your Dream Client Finding Your Website!

Let your clients see you as the professional you are with a website that wows! 

I'll handle the technical stuff and create a website that truly reflects your unique style and values. No need to be a tech wizard – That's why I'm here. Why spend months learning Wordpress, Squarespace or Showit when you can work with me?

You get to focus on your own zone of genius while I work my magic. Together, we'll make your website dreams come true – without the stress and frustration of figuring out one more thing. Jenny Laine Designs is here to rescue you from DIYing your website.

Get started on a Monday and we can knock out your website by the weekend!

Connecting You to Your Clients and Customers in a week!

A Website by the Weekend!

Website Case Study

Showit Website in a Week
  • 7 pages- 2 VIP Website Weeks
  • Music Booking Integration
  • Basic Branding with Basic Logo
  • Shop
  • Strategy Session

Website Case Study

Showit Website in a Week

  • 5 pages
  • Basic Branding with Basic Logo
  • Strategy Session

Website Case Study

Squarespace Website in a Week

  • 8 pages - 2 VIP Website Weeks
  • Basic Branding with Simple Logo
  • Strategy Session
  • Scheduling & Event Integration

Some Amazing Humans
I have Worked with

As seen in:

The Details

4 Page Showit or Squarespace Website
(normally includes: Home Page, About Page, Services/Product Page, and Contact page

Legal pages using text you provide 

Mobile optimization

Basic branding page with your provided logo, color hex codes, font names and mood images

On site SEO optimization

1 hour strategy session

30 Min pre-work check up session

Up to 8 hours of website week availablity

Support tutorial videos

30 days of email support

What you get

On Site SEO Optimization

1 hour strategy session

30 Min Pre-work check up session

Up to 8 hours of website week availablity

Support Tutorial Videos

30 days of email support

Important things to know:
  • I'll need you on deck for the week (at mutually specified times). - 2 hours each day
  • You are booking me for the week, not a set of deliverables.
  • You will need to be finished with prep work in order to maximize the week together.
  • If you change the direction of your project during the week, it could change the amount of time required. This may result in additional time and additional fees to complete the work requested.


VIp Days Pricing

VIP Days give you full, one-on-one access to Jenny Laine Designs. I offer half and full day services.

I will only be working on your project and will be checking in periodically throughout the day to make sure we are on the right track and give you updates.

Do you need Showit website tasks accomplished that you just don’t have time for or know how to do? A VIP day is perfect for this.

half Day - starts at 8 and ends at 12 

Full day - starts at 8 and ends at 5 

1 hour lunch break

The Extras

  • Access to my exclusive Pre-Work Guide
  • 30 min kick-off or strategy call
  • A week of access to me during mutually agreed upon times
  • Post-intensive walk through video demo
  • 30 days post-intensive support period

How Our VIP Website Week Works

Step 1 - Strategy Call

We will have an hour strategy call to plan out your goals for our week together. I will get details gathered and be listening to what you are hoping to accomplish with our time together. 


Step 2 -Pre-Work

You will have at least 10 days to create your brand values, write your website content (with the help of my copy guide), and create a mood board.

The process will be guided step-by-step with the aid of intake forms and resources that I have created to make it work seamlessly for our work together.


Step 3 - PreLaunch Kick Off Call

We will hop on a quick 30 min call to go over all of your completed pre-work. 

We will make sure everything is ready to go for your VIP Website Work Week.

I'll answer any questions you may have so we are ready to go!


Step 4 - website Week

On our first day together, at the agreed upon start time, I'll send you your first Vox message.  

Most likely this will be one of the first item for review.

I will need you to be available for the specified time each day so that if either of us have questions, we are able to respond in an appropriate amount of time. 


Step 5 - Support and training

I will have tutorial videos and hand over your website. After that you’ll have access to me for 30 days of email support for your new or improved website.


Click Here

Want to book a 30 min
discovery call to decide what you need?

Frequently Asked Questions

what if I haven't finished my Pre-work

You will have at least 10 days to create your brand values, write your website content (with the help of my copy guide), and create a mood board.

The process will be guided step-by-step with the aid of intake forms and resources that I have created to make it work seamlessly for our work together.

If for some reason you aren't able to finish, we can reschedule.  I offer one free reschedule per project. If we have to reschedule again, you will have to pay the deposit again and pick a new date according to my availability. 


what does the SEO LOOK LIKE?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  And although many people don't realize it, there is more to SEO than just what you see on the pages of your website. 

I will be sure to make everything on the backend works like it needs to so that we ensure the best results for your website. 

While I can't guarantee any particular rankings, because as we all know Google can be a very tricky, I use best practices for SEO on each platform.


Do I have to pay all at once?

You can pay in full to reserve your week or you can pay a 50% deposit to secure your time and pay the balance up to 24 hours before we begin our week together. 

All payments must be completed before I begin any website work.


WHat if I need more than 4 pages?

My website week is geared towards creating your initial website or refreshing a site you want updated. 

There are several options available for more detailed work including more pages or more integrations.

You can book 2 weeks back to back for websites that will need up to 10 pages for only $3500.

More complex integrations may be an additional fee.


Can We really build a website in a week?

Yes!  I can build out your basic site in a week. I would consider this a "phase 1" build of your website. Most websites have many more than 4 pages, but we can create your basic site, and you will have a well functioning website at the end of the week.

Often, my clients come back to build in more integrations or pages in an additional VIP Website Week or VIP Day. 

Something to consider as we work on your project is making sure all of your pre-work is finished and that all branding decisions have been made. Not having these done can add additional time onto your project, which results in either a website that isn't completed in the week or additional  time and fees being added onto your project.


What if I need more integrations Like a Blog, Scheduling, E-Commerce?

If you need additional features and integrations those can be added after the site is completed. VIP Website Week clients do get access to special 90 minute, half day and full day rates where I can help you build on the website we create.  

This is a more custom feature, so please reach out if you want something more detailed than what is offered in the VIP website week. 


view the

 She was great from the beginning by sitting down and listening to our vision. She is great at taking our brand and transforming it to our website.

She was so easy to work with during the project and always offered great advice to make it that much better. I would highly recommend Jenny Laine Designs to anyone looking to create or refresh their website."

-Trent and Kaitlyn, Rustic Salon

"Took Our Brand and Transformed it to our website!"

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"From start to finish, Jennifer was professional, prompt with communication, and truly desired to have each component of our website meet our every expectation and more. 

The entire process went so much smoother than I had imagined. We felt completely comfortable with Jennifer's abilities to make our ideas and dreams come to life on screen."


"She made our Ideas come to Life"

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“If it wasn't for Jenny and her expertise I would have been completely LOST! My favorite part was the patience and willingness to help that Jenny gave me. She was always there for anything I needed every step of the way.”

-Christine, Regis Gates Counseling

"She was there every step of the way!"

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"Your patience and understanding with me was commendable. Since I am not a tech savvy student, I needed to be hand held throughout the process. Thank you for walking me through the process with grace. My favorite part of the process was seeing the results. Absolutely amazed!"

Carrie, Book Author

"My Favorite Part....the results!"

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"When I came to Jenny Laine Designs, I didn't know what I wanted. She took the time to ask questions and knew exactly what I needed. The whole process felt effortless for me and even though it was lots of work for her.  But, she NAILED it!!!

My favorite part of my site is all the moving images and being able to edit my copy as my classes change."

- Cristy, Aerybeth Sewing School

"The WHole Process felt effortless!"

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"All I can say is, “WOW!” Not only did Jenny Laine Designs see my vision and create a website that is super functional and appealing, but she went beyond my dream and made my business come to life! I’m thrilled with my site and couldn’t be happier with the process. From the initial call to the final product. JLD was incredible to work with. I’m already reaping the reward of a digital presence!"

- Shelia, Selah Music Ankeny

"All I can say is "Wow!"

"Jenn designed a beautiful real estate website with MLS integration. She was amazing and kept me involved through the whole process. She is so creative and talented!"

- Amanda, Team Lloyd Realty

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"She is so creative!"

"Jennifer is top notch when you are looking for a professional design to meet all your needs. As a new business owner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted on my website, and Jennifer was patient and walked me through every step."

Kindled Embers Adventures

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"She walked me through each step."

Jennifer did a spectacular job on my website! She exceeded all my expectations and was incredibly responsive. I’ll definitely be recommending her services to all my friends and all my future website plans!

-Maddie, Cleanco

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"Incredibly Responsive!"