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Using Canva In Your Crafting Business

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Using Canva For Your Craft Business

I know I mostly write about website topics, but I want to take a commercial break and chat about a fun webinar I did recently.

How Canva Changed My Business

Before I started my official website business two years ago, I took a course on how to make passive income on Etsy or my own website store. And even before that, I was dabbling in Canva, a great graphic arts program that isn’t nearly as complicated as Adobe. In the video and the resource below, I include a fun tutorial on how to make a cool bio picture for your website, social media or email signature.

Canva took my love of crafting to the next level! I was able to learn how to make professional-looking images, product and packaging labels, and my shining star – printables and print-on-demand products. And all my marketing material, YEP, all made right inside of Canva. I just needed an idea (which I’d find by using E-rank) and I’d use Canva to make it happen! And guess what? I’m still making passive income on the hard work I put into Etsy.

Canva Pro

While I use Canva Pro now, I used the free version for YEARS! And while I’m not a professional, I’d say that Canva changed my world and how I looked at being able to market myself and create branding for my new website business. Even though I have been building websites for over 10 years, I made it official just recently in 2021. Canva helped me get there! I use Canva all the time on my websites. For example, on my VIP Website in a Week page, Canva is used all over it!

Anywho, I thought I’d share the webinar I did about it with you! And I am even including my PDF of all the resources I talk about in the video. Feel free to ask me any questions about how I use the platform. Maybe it will be a good resource for you too!

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