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Gmail and Yahoo’s Authentication Changes

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Avoiding Spam in Your Inbox

This Gmail news floating around everywhere – Gmail is making some awesome changes in 2024. These updates are all about making our emails more secure and less annoying. So, what’s happening exactly?

How to Authenticate Your 
Google Workspace
for the Upcoming 
SPAM Prevention Policy (for regular people).

Why Emails Need to Be Safer

Emails are a big part of our daily life. We get important messages, fun updates, and sometimes, and usually a bunch of stuff we don’t need. Gmail’s new changes are going to help us sort the good from the bad.

Checking Who Sends Emails

Ever got an email and wondered if it’s legit? Gmail will be checking to see if large email senders are really who they claim to be. This means we can be more sure that the emails we get are from real people or companies, not someone pretending to be them.

Easy Unsubscribe in One Click

We all get emails we don’t want. Sometimes, getting rid of them is a hassle. But guess what? Gmail is going to make it super easy to stop these emails with just one click. No more digging through the small print to find the unsubscribe link!

Cutting Down on Spam Emails

Spam emails can be annoying. In 2024, Gmail will start keeping an eye on the big email senders to make sure they don’t send too much spam. This means fewer junk emails clogging up our inboxes!

How These Changes Help Us

With these updates, our inboxes will be cleaner and safer. We’ll spend less time dealing with spam and more time reading emails that matter to us.

So, that’s the scoop on Gmail’s 2024 updates! Less spam, more safety, and an easier way to manage our emails. We’re looking forward to a tidier inbox and a better email experience!

What does this mean for your business?

Do you send under 5000 emails a day with a regular email address (think

Chill Mode:

Do you send under 5000 emails a day with your custom domain email (like

Game Time:

Do you send over 5000 emails a day?

Pro Level:

  • If you’re not already rocking a custom domain and email, it’s time.
  • Authenticate that domain with DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. It’s the big leagues now. – ​Read here for more info

Do you need help getting your Gmail set up right to make sure you don’t land in your client’s spam folder? Check out the videos below for how you can get your email authenticated with Google.

Voice and Closed Captions

ASL and Closed Captions

Still not sure what to do? You can sign up for help by clicking here.

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