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10 Online Business Strategies for 2024

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Your Checklist for Success

As a business owner, you are ultimately in charge of your digital marketing strategy. It’s your vision, approval, and methods that connect you with your customers.

I know keeping up with it all is quite a challenge, but maintaining organization and taking proactive steps is essential. I wanted to help you by putting together a checklist. Let’s take a look at your monthly marketing responsibilities.

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Website Review and Update

Your website is your online presence, and keeping it current and updated is important. Regularly look for content that needs refreshing or removing. This keeps your website engaging and relatable for your visitors.

WordPress Maintenance

If your website operates on WordPress, consistent upkeep is mandatory. This involves updating themes and plugins, optimizing site performance, and ensuring security measures are current. This not only betters user experience but also protects your website against potential risks. Jenny Laine Designs offers maintenace for both my WordPress clients and my Showit and Squarespace clients.

Email Campaign Creation

Email marketing continues to be an influential tool. Each month, write and send a targeted email campaign to connect with your audience, promote offers, or share insightful content. Keep in mind that personalization and providing value is super important to engagement.

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Social Media Strategy

Social media is an extension of your brand’s voice. Plan and schedule regular posts to interact with your audience, expand your reach, and funnel traffic to your website.

Incorporate QR Codes

Merge the online and physical worlds by including QR codes in your print media. This can direct customers to your website, special promotions, or exclusive content, creating a seamless user experience.

Showcase Reviews

Build credibility by adding a section for real-time reviews on your website. This openness not only improves trust but also provides valuable feedback. You can use your reviews from your Google Business Profile. (You are asking for those reviews, aren’t you?) Be sure to add a photo and name to your reviews on your website.

Follow-up Plan

After initial customer contact, have a written follow-up strategy in place. Whether it’s an email, call, or survey, consistent follow-ups can improve customer relationships and gather essential feedback. Check out my email marketing service for more information.

Understanding Your Client

Knowing your ideal client helps in tailoring your marketing efforts. Regularly review your target audience to ensure your strategies meet their needs and preferences.

Check Your Email Spam

Regularly check and clear your email spam folder to ensure no vital communication is overlooked. This straightforward task can prevent potential opportunities from being missed. And make sure your business email isn’t going to your customer’s spam. (Have you updated your DMARC settings yet?)

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Consult with Me

Occasionally, an expert’s insight can impact your strategy. Schedule a monthly consultation with Jenny Laine Designs for professional advice and direction for your marketing strategies.

Stay Informed and Motivated

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to my emails for special SEO tips and motivation. A little encouragement can go a long way in marketing your small business online.

We know that your online marketing strategy is constantly changing. By following this monthly checklist, you can ensure that each facet of your marketing is tackled systematically and effectively. Remember, being consistent and flexible is key to your marketing strategy. Happy strategizing!