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I'm Jennifer

My Super Power is Helping You Unlock the Power of Modern Marketing to Get, Nurture, and Retain Customers with an Amazing Web Presence.

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I invested in Web Designer Pro nine months ago and within one to two months of going through the courses, joining the Q and A’s, and just asking questions within the community, it propelled my business way beyond anything I could have expected.

More Clients Instantly

I instantly was able to gain more clients, build more high quality websites, and really learn and grow within a community that is super kind and encouraging. I was really met at the level I was at in my web design journey. (ETA: I gained 4 clients right away!)

Great Structure for My Business

The business course, and the many other courses I have access to in Pro, gave me a great structure and system for being able to organize my business.

Friendships with Awesome Web Design Pros

The friendships I’ve gained through Web Designer Pro was something I didn’t expect. Just through the daily one-on-ones interactions, being able to ask questions within the community, and the Web Designer Pro Hangouts each week, it has been an amazing experience. We are able to talk shop with all our favorite web designers about questions that we have that come up during our design and business processes. it has been great. It’s been instrumental for my success this past year.

Jennifer of Jenny Laine Designs photo giving a talk on Josh Hall's Web Designer Pro community. She is light skinned with light hair wearing glasses. She has on a green sweater and the background is a dark teal blue.

5 Star Recommend – Web Designer Pro!

(Ps. I’m an affiliate of Web Designer Pro…only because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! This just means that at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission for telling you about it. However, I was raving about this community LONG before they had an affiliate link.)

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